What Does a Millwright Do?

What Does a Millwright Do?

Many manufacturing and industrial jobs have a title that makes it clear what the job entails - for example, you know from the name that a “machinist” works with machines. 

But then there’s “millwright.” If you haven’t worked this job before, it can be difficult to know exactly what the job entails. Explore what you need to know about a millwright’s duties and what they do in a manufacturing environment.

What is a Millwright?

A millwright is someone who installs, repairs and moves heavy machinery. Another way to think of a millwright is that they’re like the “auto mechanics” of heavy machinery - it’s their job to make sure everything is installed correctly and working the way it should.

What Does a Millwright Do?

  • Install heavy machinery in a new location
  • Service, repair and maintain heavy machinery
  • Help remove and transport heavy machinery

What Experience Do I Need to Be a Millwright?

You typically do not need a college degree to become a millwright. In some cases, you may not even need a high school degree. That being said, in most cases having experience is important for getting hired. Some employers will offer on-the-job training, but many will want to see previous experience before hiring a new millwright.

If you’ve never worked a millwright job before, you may consider some other entry-level jobs to help you gain relevant experience first:

Even if you don’t necessarily have millwright experience, having experience in other related machine jobs can help you get hired in a millwright position.

Finding a Millwright or Other Manufacturing Job

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