What Does a Machine Operator Do?

One of the most common manufacturing jobs is a machine operator. But what exactly does a machine operator do? And do you have to have experience to apply for a machine operator job? In this blog, we’ll cover everything you need to know about becoming a machine operator. 

What is a Machine Operator?

A machine operator does what the name implies - operate machines. This includes using machines for routine functions, but may also include basic set-up or troubleshooting as well. A machine operator will typically be assigned to specific machines on the floor.

What Experience Do You Need to Be a Machine Operator?

In most cases, you will typically only need a high school diploma or  GED for machine operator jobs. Most jobs will provide on-site training, especially for temporary positions. You can open yourself up to more job opportunities with a forklift certification

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Primary Responsibilities

Set-up machine 

Machine operators will often be tasked with cleaning and calibrating a machine to start the production cycle.

Operate machine

This includes feeding raw materials into the machine, navigating computer interfaces within the machine, and other common tasks with safety and accuracy.  

Basic maintenance

This includes testing the operation of the machine, fixing common issues that occur and keeping record of defective output.

Maintain activity logs

Machine operators will often be tasked with logging activity of the machine daily - any flaws or issues, daily output and other relevant information that might impact the machine’s operation.

Finding a Machine Operator Job

Interested in becoming a machine operator? There are many entry-level assembling positions available. Strom hires seasonal, temporary, and long-term employees for top companies in manufacturing. 

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