Why Business Leaders Should Work Collaboratively with Union Leaders

As interest in unions continues to rise - both within the workforce and within the general public as well - business leaders have an opportunity to establish positive working relationships with unions. This potentially adversarial relationship doesn’t have to be - and working collaboratively with union leaders can prove very advantageous for business leaders, employees and the business overall.

Why Business Leaders Should Work Collaboratively with Unions

Ongoing Communication Can Help Employee Retention

Ultimately, unions and business leaders have a shared goal: Maintaining a safe and productive work environment and workforce. Unions often have a deeper insight into employee concerns surrounding safety, interpersonal relationships and processes because employees are more likely to share these grievances with other union members instead of HR. Communication with unions helps pass this flow of information, so that business leaders can address these concerns.

Proactively Address Concerns to Avoid Resentment

Strikes are often a result of years of grievances building without resolution. Business leaders can be proactive in addressing these concerns before they reach a boiling point. Host regular listening sessions with groups of employees. This is a great opportunity to gain insight into those smaller daily needs that impact productivity and solve them - thereby showing employees that the company listens and responds to their concerns.

Build Trust for Bargaining

The biggest advantage for business owners to work collaboratively with unions is building trust between business leaders and members, stewards and union leadership. Ongoing communication and problem-solving help build trust throughout the year. So that when the time comes to sit down at the bargaining table, business leaders are in a better position to bargain. 

Internally: Create a Plan

While collaborating with the union may build trust and reduce friction, it’s important to have a plan in place ahead of contract negotiations. Our free guide for business leaders can help you ensure you have a roadmap to follow in the event of a disruption.

strike and crisis staffing ebook coverHow to Create a Crisis Plan: Free Guide

Learn How To Create A Strike & Crisis Plan

Strikes and crises can happen, and when they do, preparations and planning are critical. Labor disputes can have a significant impact on operations, production, and overall business revenue, so it’s important to understand what to do and when to do it.

Strom Engineering is a complete solution provider and partner for businesses seeking to address the unfortunate possibility of a labor disruption.

Strom suggests a five-phase approach for mitigating the repercussions of a labor disruption. 

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