What’s the Difference Between a Recruiting Company and a Staffing Company?

What’s the Difference Between a Recruiting Company and a Staffing Company?

Whether you’re actively looking for new manufacturing jobs or keep getting messages on LinkedIn, you’ve likely seen both recruiting companies and staffing companies. Many people wonder: are these the same thing?

Both a recruiting company and a staffing company match potential employees with open jobs, but they each have a different focus.

What is a Recruiting Company? 

A recruiting company hires employees on a long-term basis. These jobs are typically going to be full-time and higher level. In this case, companies are typically looking for a specific role - like hiring a new quality assurance manager. People applying for the types of jobs that recruiters hire for typically also need to live in the area of the job or plan to relocate long-term.

What is a Staffing Company?

A staffing company hires employees for short term, temporary positions. These jobs may also be full time hours, but they’re not meant to be filled for a long period of time: they can range from a few days to a few months. Companies will typically hire multiple jobs at once - for example, hiring 20 picker packers around the busy holiday season. When you work with a staffing company, you might not live in the same state as the job - the agency will provide travel accommodations and a per diem for the length of your job. Temporary jobs also have lower education and experience requirements (in many cases, you only need a GED or high school degree and no previous experience to get hired).

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Strom Engineering is a staffing agency. We work with people who want the flexibility that temporary jobs offer. Temp jobs have many benefits:

  • Flexibility to work the months and weeks you want. This makes temp jobs a great option if you have a seasonal job and want to pick up work in the off season.
  • Ability to gain experience and build a network. You can work several different types of jobs that will expand your skill set. You’ll also meet fellow workers, employers, and their clients. This can then lead to additional work opportunities.
  • Different working and living settings with each job. Experience a new opportunity in a new place, without getting tied-down. 

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While a recruiting company and a staffing company both hire employees, they fill different needs. For those looking for temp jobs, a staffing company is what you want to work with.

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