What Does an Assembler Do?

Assembly is an important job in many factory and manufacturing settings. But what is it, exactly? And is it a good entry-level job? We’ll explore everything you need to know about assembly jobs in this blog post.

What is an Assembler?

An assembler is a person who puts together pieces following a guideline - typically a blueprint, instructional manual or schematics. An assembler may work on one step of the process, or may put together an entire product - it depends on the product. 

This job is typically structured in an assembly-line format in a factory. However, assemblers may work off the line at a designated workstation. Again, it depends on the specific product and job duties.

Is Experience Required?

There are a great number of entry-level assembler jobs available that do not require any previous experience. In these cases, you will be given on the job training.

If you want to advance your career and choose from more selective assembler jobs, you can pursue certification in metal fabrication and/or welding. 

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Primary Responsibilities

Read Blueprints or Instructions

An assembler must be able to follow a blueprint, schematic or other written instructions in order to ensure parts are assembled correctly.

Look Out for Defects

An assembler needs to be on alert for any part or equipment defects and inform their supervisors immediately.


Communication is vital for all assemblers, but especially those working on an assembly line. They will be working alongside other assemblers working in a specific order, so staying in communication is important.

Maintain Cleanliness

An assembler is expected to keep their workstation clean and safe. They need to also ensure their equipment is in working order and inform a supervisor immediately if there are any issues.

Finding an Assembler Role

Interested in becoming an assembler? There are many entry-level assembling positions available. Strom hires seasonal, temporary, and long-term employees for top companies in manufacturing. 

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