Do I Need a High School Degree/GED for Assembly Jobs?

If you are looking for a new role, you may have come across postings for assembly jobs and wondered if you need a High School Degree or GED to get one of these roles. 

Some companies do NOT require a high school degree or GED for assembly job. Others do. Let’s look at some of the factors that could lead to the role sometimes, but not always, requiring it. 

What are Assembly Jobs?

Assembly jobs typically involve putting together parts of a product, most often in a factory. These roles can require a range of skills, from a basic level of dexterity and liftible weight to an understanding of how different parts fit together. For this job, attention to detail and consistency are most important. 

Is a High School Degree / GED Mandatory?

While many employers will list a high school diploma or GED as a basic requirement, there are still many who do not, or who will accept equivalent experience or training instead. 

  • Skill over Degree: Most employers in manufacturing and assembly in particular will prioritize actual skills and experience over formal education when hiring for these roles. If you’ve had previous roles that showcase your transferable skills for assembly or have had specialized training, it could offset the lack of a diploma or GED.
  • On-the-Job Training: Some employers are looking more for soft skills, such as organization and important attention to detail, and thus provide comprehensive training programs for new hires, which can often bridge any knowledge gaps. In these cases, while a diploma or GED could give you a leg up on getting the role, not having one isn’t a dealbreaker. 

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