How to Create a Strike Staffing Plan

In the event of a strike or crisis, it’s critical to have a plan in place. While you can’t always anticipate what will happen, a strike staffing plan ensures as little disruption as possible while negotiations take place.

How to Create a Strike Staffing Plan

The best way to create a strike staffing plan is to partner with an experience strike staffing agency. 

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he advantages of using an agency vs. doing it yourself are the following:

    • An agency will be able to give an objective, thorough assessment of your processes
    • An agency has the resources to connect you with skilled temporary workers
    • An agency will handle the daily operations of your business so you can focus on negotiations

While you can create a plan on your own, it’s often extremely difficult and time-consuming to do. An experienced staffing agency will handle the difficult process for you.

A Proactive Approach to Contingent Workforce Staffing with Strom

If your business is facing a potential labor disruption, we can help you minimize the possible repercussions with our contingent workforce staffing process. Strom offers a five-phase approach for providing strike staffing during a labor disruption situation: assessments, recruiting, predeployment, deployment, and disbandment.

When you utilize our comprehensive contingent workforce staffing services, we will determine your business’s unique needs, locate and accommodate qualified strike workers, provide security and transportation across picket lines, and follow the appropriate protocol for strike replacement worker disbandment after a new labor contract has been approved. Strom offers unparalleled labor dispute staffing experience to develop comprehensive strike contingency plans, custom-tailored to meet each client’s specific needs.

Hopefully, you won’t need strike staffing services, but in the event of a workforce disruption, you will want to know your staffing agency is a partner ready to assist across the organization. Minimizing customer impact, lost production and workplace stress is crucial to reducing the long term effects of a strike.

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