Why Plan for Strike Staffing: The Importance of Preparation

When your company is facing a strike, it’s easy to lose sight of what matters most: maintaining a capable workforce, even if the employees on the team change. What happens during a union strike is that the striking employees depend on the fact that you won’t have a solid plan in place to deal with the sudden change.

While the union understands that hiring replacement workers during the strike is a real possibility, there is an assumption that temporary employees will not have the experience or qualifications to meet your company’s production needs. When you utilize a company like Strom that completes total background checks and pulls from an existing worker database, it’s like having an ace up your sleeve. Here’s how working with Strom can we give you an advantage at the bargaining table:

Better Leverage

The quality of your backup workforce has a big impact on the length of a strike and could prevent one from occurring in the first place. Union leaders will know whether your worker contingency plan includes qualified temporary employees. If you are planning on hiring directly on your own, you lose a bit of negotiation leverage, because there are never any guarantees that the hiring process will go smoothly.

Available temporary employees vary by time of year, economic conditions and industry, so not having a predetermined plan is simply not worth the risk. When you communicate that you have a proven partner that knows why a plan for strike staffing matters, there is a major change in negotiations.

More Productivity

If your situation devolves into a strike, it’s important to know that you have more than just leverage — you have a capable team to handle necessary work. Demonstrating that you are capable of maintaining your workflow during a strike is essential; otherwise, the union may sense business failures and utilize attrition to get a better deal. What’s more, staying productive during a strike will provide assurance to your clients, partners and customers that you can still get the job done. Strom works to provides you with a team of qualified workers that is more than capable of maintaining handling your business operations responsibilities, so you can keep your business workplace moving like it always has.

Getting Back on Track

When a labor disruption strike is over, returning to a sense of normalcy is essential. You need to rebuild relationships, handle employee transitions, deal with paperwork, and much more — all while maintaining a productive work environment. It’s not easy, but companies like Strom Engineering can help make the process easier. We have assisted hundreds of clients through the process been in these types of situations countless times, and know how to work through the unique challenges a situation like this presents.help you reduce bad blood, while keeping your temporary employees as a backup for future disruptions. When all is said and done, your workforce will returnhave capable temporary workers will leave and day to day activity can resume. in your back pocket, and the union will know that going forward.

Prepare for the Future

It’s easy to think about creating a temporary worker backup plan, but it takes action to make it happen. We are here to help. Get set for anything union leaders throw at you with help from some of the most knowledgeable strike experts in the business.

Contact our team to get set up with a contingency plan that you can rely on.