Can You Get a Warehouse Job Without Experience?

There is no shortage of opportunities for those looking for a warehouse job – but can you get a warehouse job without having any experience? Here’s everything you need to know to set you up for a successful job search.

What Does a Warehouse Employee Do?

Those who work in a warehouse perform a wide range of roles. The most common tasks include organizing stock, retrieving, and packing items so they’re ready for shipping, and maintaining a clean, safe workplace. Other duties include verifying the contents of packages to ensure accuracy; identifying lost or missing merchandise; keeping an inventory control log updated, and training new workers.

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For jobs like stocking and picking, you don’t need a degree or specialized training.

How Much Experience Do You Need?

The required amount of experience for a warehouse job varies on the company and position that you’re looking for. For entry-level jobs, typically all you need is a high school diploma or a GED. You’ll receive some sort of formal training when hired, along with on-the-job training.

Some typical warehousing jobs that don’t require past experience include:

  • Material handling
  • Order selector
  • Warehousing associate
  • General labor


Once you’ve accrued some experience in the industry, you can then apply for higher-level positions. These types of positions include logistics and management, however, some of these positions may require at least an associate’s degree in supply chain and logistics management.

How Can You Advance Your Warehousing Career?

Once you have some experience working in warehousing, there are ways to advance your career. There are also certifications that you can consider. Even if you’re not required to take these certifications, it’s a great opportunity to keep yourself above and beyond your industry standards.

The most common certifications that can help you advance your career include:

Forklift Certification: This certification will show your employers that you’re qualified by OSHA to operate a forklift within a warehouse environment.

Production and Inventory Management Certification: This certification will help with specialized skills and knowledge when it comes to managing inventory once it arrives at the warehouse. 

Supply Chain Professional Certifications: With this certification, you’ll receive high-level training in supply chain design, planning, and execution of best practices.

Professional in Distribution and Warehousing Certification: In this course, you’ll receive specialized training in areas including distribution, logistics, and warehouse management.

Whether you’re new to the industry, or an experienced veteran, there are always opportunities available in the warehouse industry. Reach out to Strom Engineering for a personalized look at your opportunities to further your career - based on your wants and needs.

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