What Does a Picker Packer Do?

A picker packer is a key team member in warehousing environments. But what exactly does a picker packer do? And what kind of experience do you need to be one?

What is a Picker Packer?

Picker packers are also sometimes called “order fulfillment specialists” and are in charge of filling customer orders. They find products in a warehouse and pack them into packaging for shipment. This typically includes packaging items into boxes, but may also be into mailers depending on the products. 

What Education Do I Need for a Picker Packer Job?

A picker packer job is a great entry-level position because it doesn’t require past experience or a high level of education. For most jobs, a GED or high school degree is all that’s required. In some cases, you may not need a high school degree to be hired. In this role, the most important job assets needed are an ability to lift and stack items and ability to stand, walk, reach and lift repeatedly. 

What Does a Picker Packer Do?

The primary responsibilities of a picker packer include:

  • Verify product numbers to SKU
  • Transport items through warehouse
  • Create or print labels
  • Pack items into boxes or mailers
  • Use appropriate amount of void-fill (paper, styrofoam, bubble wrap, etc.)
  • Ready packaged orders for processing
  • Move boxes to next zone
  • Keep work areas tidy 

Finding a Picker Packer Job

Interested in becoming a picker packer? There are many entry-level warehouse jobs available. Strom hires seasonal, temporary, and long-term employees for top companies in manufacturing. 

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