Tips for Veterans Applying for Temp Jobs

In today’s job market, veterans bring a wealth of experience, dedication, and skills that are in high demand, especially in the temporary labor market. Let’s dive into a few things you should keep in mind as a veteran applying for temp jobs.

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Leveraging Your Military Service

Many temp jobs - especially those in manufacturing - thrive on teamwork, precision and adaptability. These are all skills that veterans have from their time in the service. When applying for jobs, make sure you highlight these skills:

  • Teamwork and Leadership - The ability to lead is always in demand, but being able to work towards a common goal as a team is equally important.
  • Discipline and Work Ethic - It's no secret that military service develops incredible discipline and dedication to completing the job, make sure this is a standout skill on your job applications.
  • Problem-Solving - Veterans have built up their ability to think on their feet and find solutions under pressure, a great skill to have for almost any role.

Utilizing Your Technical Skills

Technical skills are in high demand for many temp jobs, and your military background equips you with many skills that are directly applicable. 

  • Equipment Operation - Many manufacturing roles involve using complex machinery and equipment, whether you have experience with the specific machines they are using or similar ones, your familiarity with any can help you land a temp job ahead of other candidates.
  • Quality Control & Safety - Having a fine eye for detail and ensuring things have been done to exact specifications while following safety guidelines is a cornerstone of manufacturing roles.
  • Technical Training and Certifications - If you received any specialized training or certifications during your military service, be sure to highlight these, as they demonstrate not only your knowledge and ability around that subject, but also your overall competence and dedication to improvement.

Networking and Agencies

Networking while in the service can be a challenge, as it can often be seen as going outside the chain of command, but in the civilian job market, networking can be an integral part of the job searching process. Luckily you won’t have to start from scratch, especially when you are looking for temp jobs. There are a number of veteran-focused job fairs, online platforms, veterans associations, and staffing and recruiting agencies that help veterans find roles best suited to them. One of the easiest ways to find a temp job is connecting with such an agency as they will be familiar with the skills and capabilities you have developed during your military service and what roles you will do best in. 

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