Temporary vs Seasonal Jobs: What's the Difference?

It’s common for people to use the terms “temporary jobs” and “seasonal jobs” to refer to the same type of work, but the two actually refer to different types of jobs. While both are shorter-term jobs, that’s where the similarities end.

What is the Difference Between Temporary and Seasonal Jobs?

Seasonal jobs refer to employment positions that are typically available during certain times of the year, such as during the holiday season or during peak production times for certain industries. These jobs are usually for a limited period of time, and are not permanent or long-term positions.

A temporary job, on the other hand, refer to employment positions that are also not permanent or long-term, but may not be tied to a specific season or time of year. Some temporary positions carry quite a long term of employment, in the case of a project-based position, it may be years. Temporary jobs can be for a wide range of positions and can come up due to various reasons such as increased workload, leave of absence, or project-based assignments.

What are the Advantages of a Seasonal or Temporary Position?

Both seasonal and temporary jobs can offer flexible schedules and unique career advancement opportunities. Some choose these types of positions to earn extra income, break into an organization or job code, or put a recent certification or accreditation to use and gain valuable work experience. Seasonal and temporary jobs are also a great way for employers to fill immediate needs for employees, without committing to a long-term hiring process.

Another advantage to accepting a temporary or seasonal position is for schedule flexibility. The short-term nature of non-permanent jobs, allows for time off during non-peak seasonality, greater mobility, and the schedule adaptability.

The main difference between seasonal and temporary jobs is that the former is related to certain times of the year, while the latter can happen at any time and the main reason is to fill short term needs.

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