How to Write a Resume for Machinist Jobs

Applying for machinist positions? You’ll need a resume. A successful machinists resume should look crisp and modern. It should include important skills like teamwork, safety protocol, and attention to detail.

Here’s how to write and format your machinist resume.

1. Update Your Resume Template

Ditch the old resume template in favor of a simple update. Try a free resume builder like You should try to fit your resume on one page, but you can write two if needed. Only include your relevant work experience, credentials, and information. The overall look of the template should be uncluttered and represent the precision with which you work.

2. Format Your Resume Content Properly

A properly formatted machinist resume should list last work experience first and include concise detail of your work experience. A quick summary for past jobs is crucial in your resume content because it is often the first impression you can make with a potential employer. What did you do at each job? How did you aid your team? If you earned any certifications or completed training, include that in your work experience summary as well.

Pro Tip: According to, using power language will help your resume summary stand out: beat, installed, lead, improved by x%

3. Trim Out Excess

All your education, skills, and accomplishments are important but there simply isn’t room on your resume to include everything. Trim out the excess including only what is relevant for this employer. You may want to keep a file with versions your resume based on specific expertise you want to feature.

Education: Include school, date, and degree or certification title

Skills List: List both hard skills and soft skills, but limit the list to your best and most applicable to the job you are seeking.

Associations: This isn’t a required section. At most, limit associations to a couple of lines covering machinist groups, like NTMA, or particular professional accomplishments and volunteer work.

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