How Temp Jobs Help Your Resume

Temporary positions have become more popular ever since the 2007 recession; employers want an easily scalable workforce that doesn’t require the additional cost of benefits. This allows employees to expand their experience and give their resumes a boost while looking for that “perfect” permanent position.

Finding a temporary position for employment may be the answer to both boosting your resume and making money while looking for a permanent job.

How Temporary Jobs Help Your Resume

1. Continuous employment on your resume

Employers tend to question blank spaces on a candidate’s resume, and most of us dread answering those questions. Temporary positions, even if not directly related to your profession, can fill in gaps and show employers you’re motivated and willing to work.

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2. Opportunities to gain work experience

Contingent workers are an increasingly important asset since there are many highly qualified workers such as engineering professionals that prefer to work project-by-project. These will provide temporary employees with continuous experience, potentially across a wide array of skills. This can round out your overall work experience.

3. The chance to sample various industries

Temporary work allows you to try out different positions in a variety of industries. Through here, you can discover your passions. Additionally, it gives you the opportunity for a more rounded resume, which could help you land other jobs.

4. The ability to test the waters at a firm

Accepting a temporary position through a company will enable you to find out if you enjoy working there and it’ll get you more insight into the company. In addition to that, it can also lead to temp-to-hire positions or let you get a foot in the door when a permanent position opens. Through a temp position, you'll get to meet future co-workers and management before making a permanent commitment.

5. Keeping your knowledge current and learning new skills

Finding temporary work lets you keep your industry knowledge strong, as well as learn a new skill that will be of use to you in your career.

Unemployment not only means less money, but also can result in gaps in your resume or outdated industry knowledge. Finding a temporary position can be a viable solution to these problems. Temporary positions will not only fill up your resume, but it will also set you up for success in the long term of your career.

If you need more help in your search for a temporary position, don’t be afraid to send us your resume so you can be added to our database, and you’ll be on your way to finding the position that’s right for you.

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