How Long Do Temp Jobs Last?

When you are looking to build out your skill set and resume, you may come across listings for temporary positions. While they may offer unique opportunities, it may be difficult to know if it’s worth taking a short-term post rather than a long term commitment. The term temp position can mean many different things too. So, how long do temp jobs last?

What is a Temp Job?

A temp job is a position that is intended to be short-term and usually has a set end date. These jobs can be full-time or part-time and may cover a specific project or contract, or may be used to fill in labor shortages during peak production times. Typically, temp jobs are designed to fill a specific need for a limited time.

How long a temp job lasts depends on both the job and the company. Some temp jobs may last for only a few days, while others can go on for several months or even a year. In manufacturing, the duration may vary and is usually included in the job listing.  

Before taking on a temp job, it's important to understand the terms and expectations of the assignment. Be sure to ask the employer about the length of the job, the expected hours, and the rate of pay. This will help you to make an informed decision and avoid any surprises down the road.

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Impacts to Temp Job Duration

A few things can change temp job terms after you begin in the position. If the company's needs change, they may end the assignment earlier than originally planned. For example, if the company completes a project ahead of schedule, they may no longer require your services.

Another factor is funding. Some temp jobs may be funded through grants or federal funding that have a set end date. The project timeline may only run until funding is available. 

Occasionally, worker availability can also play a role in the length of the job. If you have other commitments or a limited availability, the job may be designed to fit within that schedule. Most common for students or internships, a temp job may be designed to last only as long as the training or school break is scheduled. 

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Sometimes, temp jobs can also lead to longer-term employment opportunities. If you perform well or the project is extended, the employer may offer you a permanent position. Temp positions can also be a good way to network and build relationships within companies you are interested in. A temp job may just be the foot in the door you need to launch a fulfilling career.

It's important to communicate with the employer and understand the terms and expectations of the assignment before accepting the position. Contact Strom Engineering to learn more about available temp jobs and find a position to fit your needs. 

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