Do You Have to Interview for a Temporary Job?

Today’s manufacturing employers have a growing need for short-term employees, and are turning to temporary workers to fill this gap. As a job seeker exploring the potential opportunities within temporary jobs, you may be wondering if you still need to go through the interview process. 

Temp jobs typically follow a different structure than direct placement or long-term positions. Here’s what you need to know about the hiring process for temporary jobs. 

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Do Temporary Jobs Require Interviews?

If you apply directly to a temporary position you will likely need to interview. However, if you work with a staffing agency like Strom Engineering you will not need to directly interview for positions. Instead, you’ll likely interview once with the staffing agency and be qualified from there for placement.

There are many factors that can impact whether a company or recruiting agency may interview you directly for a temporary role. Typically the more critical the role, involving specialized knowledge, the more likely you are to have a direct interview for the position. One of the benefits of most temporary positions is that they often do not have such significant requirements, focusing more on general skills and flexibility - meaning that your initial interview with the staffing agency is all that’s needed.

Time constraints may also influence interview requirements, as in many situations, such as a sudden demand spike, the organization may not have time to go through such a lengthy process. This is also where staffing and recruiting agencies can come in handy, as many, such as Strom Engineering, will have already gathered the necessary information from you and can then match you directly with a role, rather than having you directly interview for the position. In this process, you do not need to interview again and directly with the company to be hired.

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